Well Intended Heresies

Robert Paul Roth

Article Type: Article

Publication Date: 4/1/1988

Issue: The Lure of Heresy (Vol. 8, No 2, Spring, 1988)

Differences of opinion and diversities of style are not heresies unless they result in schisms and disruption of the unity and order of the Christian community. What is at stake is not only acceptance of, or agreement with, a doctrine (2 Peter 2:1, Rom 16:17), but like-mindedness (1 Cor 1:10; Phil 2:2), unity in the Lord (Phil 2:2; 4:2), and oneness in spirit because of the ruling presence of the Holy Spirit (Jude 19). Therefore we may say that the New Testament speaks of heresy as divisiveness of mind and spirit due to a choice which lacks the Spirit and denies Christ. Much pleading is enjoined for unity, but finally heretics are abandoned. It is expected that they will destroy themselves.

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