Christ and the Powers of Darkness: Lessons from Colossians

Robert Paul Roth

Article Type: Texts in Context

Publication Date: 7/1/1986

Issue: What Words Will Do (Vol. 6, No 3, Summer, 1986)

The letter to the Colossians invites a host of intriguing questions. What is its place in relation to other Pauline literature? Who wrote the letter? Where and when was it written? Who were the false teachers against whom the author warns the Colossians? What can we learn from the epistle about christology, ecclesiology, apostolic office, eschatology, circumcision and baptism, overcoming sin and death, cancelling the written code, disarming principalities and powers, Christian conduct and social ethics? These are some of the questions we shall discuss as we comment on our four lessons in the context of the entire letter to the Colossians and in their context in the church and world today.

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