A Reader's Guide to Interreligious Dialogue

Jerry K. Robbins

Article Type: Article

Publication Date: 7/1/1989

Issue: The Finality of Christ (Vol. 9, No 3, Summer, 1989)

There is perhaps no more significant reality for the development of Christianity today than the resurgence of the world religions. Many observers claim that any theology that wishes to be heard in this day will have to take into account this ascendancy of non-Western faiths. The following listing is a modest effort to organize the vast new material on interreligious dialogue into a manageable form. It intends to put into the hands of the interested reader an outline that will provide ready entry into what has become a confusing array of books and periodicals. The listing is highly selective, including mainly works that introduce the general shape of the subject and its most recurrent themes. The arrangement is progressive, moving from introductory studies and broad overviews to special issues and particular dialogues. Bibliographic material for more extensive reading is reserved for the last section.

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