"...and with a Good Novel in the Other Hand": Why Pastors Should Read Literature

David Rhoads

Article Type: Article

Publication Date: 4/1/1993

Issue: Literature (Vol. 13, No 2, Spring, 1993)

Above all, literature presents stories. Everybody loves a good story. For escape, for delight, and because we know that the stories will end well, we read detective stories, spy novels, adventures, romances, and science fiction. Stories by Rex Stout or Sarah Caudwell or Isaac Asimov entertain us. Good stories entertain by grasping us, by appealing to our intellect and engaging our emotions. Yet at a more profound level, we read stories for human fulfillment—to deepen our lives, to grow, to understand and be understood, to find reassurance, to be transformed. We can see more clearly our own culture, rethink our values, learn how to die, confront our racism, and be empowered to love.

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