Infant Communion: A Matter of Christian Unity

H. Frederick Reisz Jr.

Article Type: Face to Face

Publication Date: 1/1/1988

Paired Article (Face to Face): Infant Communion: A Matter of Christian Concern

Issue: Spirituality and Community (Vol. 8, No 1, Winter, 1988)

“Bless the cup! Break the bread! Share the body! Do this in remembrance of me...until the Lord comes!” The Eucharistic Feast is for the full participation of the baptized—all of them. I believe that we should restore the practice of the communion of all those who are baptized, infants and children included, when and as they are able to receive. The freedom visibly spoken and acted in baptism should not immediately result in closing off the altar to children and withdrawing the broken loaf and the shared cup.

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