Images of Christ in Contemporary Poetry

H. Frederick Reisz Jr.

Article Type: Article

Publication Date: 1/1/1983

Issue: The Work of Christ (Vol. 3, No 1, Winter, 1983)

Jesus the Christ is a powerful presence for those of us who believe, but he is in no way limited to our apprehension. The power of the presence of Christ reverberates in Western civilization and thus in Western literature and the arts. The Spirit of the Christ is abroad, but often we do not have eyes to see or ears to hear. What I am about to do is to over-stimulate the reader. First, however, it is necessary for the reader to relax and decide to give the images a chance. The quotations in this essay are to be savored and contemplated, not skimmed and assimilated. They need time to work their evocative power. That is the promise and the problem of poetry (and of most art forms). I am not hanging an exhibit of poetic images to rush by, but am rather suggesting some sources of evocative inspiration that may enlarge our discernment of the Christ.

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